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Blending the beauty of nature with artisan craftsmanship, our unique resort wear is handcrafted by talented women artisans. Enjoy timeless pieces that offer joy, comfort, and style, while supporting sustainability and empowering communities. Discover the meaningful beauty behind every piece.

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Lightweight breathable fabric dress for warm weather

Pink Fire

Inspired by the raw beauty of volcanic landscapes, the design from the "Pink Fire" collection showcases the fiery essence of molten lava and the rugged textures of volcanic rocks.

The rich, vibrant hues of molten orange and deep purple, paired with flowing silhouettes, evoke the intense energy and mesmerizing patterns found in nature’s most powerful eruptions.

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  • Women artisan employed


  • Average days spend on each piece

    5.5 days

  • Families supported


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Elegant and sophisticated Vivid Whimsy dress for a coastal vacation


Vivid Whimsy

Step into a world of playful elegance with the Vivid Whimsy collection.

This collection celebrates bold, vibrant colors and whimsical patterns, creating a unique blend of joy and sophistication.

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Elegant and sophisticated dress for a coastal vacation


Enchanted Swirl

A mesmerizing blend of vivid colors and dynamic patterns inspired by the magic of nature's fluid movements.

This collection captures the essence of swirling enchantment, bringing it to life in each exquisitely designed piece.

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Discover June favorites from our universe

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  • Relax or Dance!

    From dancing at chic resort parties to relaxing on a serene holiday, our versatile designs offer the perfect blend of comfort and captivating style for any occasion.

  • Handmade Art

    Feel the artistry in every handmade piece, crafted with passion by talented artisans. Each creation adds meaningful beauty while supporting women artisans.

  • Velvety Softness

    Enjoy the velvety softness of our designs, crafted to make you feel relaxed and elegant. Experience unmatched comfort with every piece.

  • Exclusive Editions

    Experience wearing art with our timeless pieces, uniquely crafted to be one-of-a-kind staples in every stylish individual's closet.